NewTumbl | Did it shut down?

Today we talk about in this article NewTumbl.So, like, have you ever thought about how technology is like this crazy whirlwind that’s totally changing everything? And, you know, the internet? It’s everywhere, right? And guess what? Social media is, like, totally part of this wild ride too! You know that famous Apple line, “there’s an app for that”? Well, get this, there’s, like, a social media app for practically everything, even stuff that’s, like, kind of naughty. Yeah, you got it, I’m talking about NSFW content!

About NewTumbl

Now, check this out – NewTumbl, this cool new thing that popped up in early 2019, all because Tumblr decided to, like, ban adult content. So, it’s like this blogging place, just like Tumblr, where all sorts of peeps can come together and, you know, express themselves however they want. And guess what NewTumbl says? They’re, like, all about giving a safe space to anyone who feels, like, judged or whatever just because they wanna say what’s on their minds.

So, yeah, that’s the deal – NewTumbl is, like, this fresh vibe that’s all about letting people be who they are, especially when it comes to saying what’s on their minds. It’s like a new wave in the online world, breaking free from the usual and embracing the whole idea of expressing yourself. Pretty cool, right?

So, here’s the scoop: this platform went ahead and carved out this really cool corner of the internet, you know, like a secret hideaway just for its users. And let me tell you, the folks who got in on it totally loved it, no doubt about that. But, you see, it never quite hit the mega-highs that Tumblr reached back when it let NSFW stuff run wild and free.

Maybe that’s why, in the end, it had to close up shop. I mean, let’s be real, going toe-to-toe with similar hangouts was no small task. And honestly, keeping a lid on all that NSFW content in today’s crazy 21st-century social media scene? Yeah, not exactly a walk in the park, my friend.

Did NewTumbl shut down for good?

Alright, buckle up for this one – on June 7, 2023, out of the blue, NewTumbl dropped a bomb on its Twitter crew. They didn’t straight-up say it, but you could read between the lines: “It’s been a heck of a ride,” their post spilled the beans. “Thanks for hanging with us. Hope you had a blast on NewTumbl.”

Can you believe it? Nobody saw it coming, like, zero warning signs, nada. And you know what’s even crazier? They didn’t give any hint that things were going haywire. Yeah, people are out here guessing it might be a glitch or some tech tune-up, but the way they phrased it tells a different story. It’s like they’re pulling the curtain on a whole show, not just patching up the backstage drama.

So, you know how it goes – folks are understandably ticked off. I mean, losing your online pals and contacts? That’s a tough pill to swallow. Especially for those who’d made, like, real connections in this digital playground. It’s a bummer, no doubt about it.

Now, listen up, ’cause this is where things get real – NewTumbl? Yeah, they’ve gone all quiet since that one tweet. I mean, seriously, not a peep from them about what went down. But let’s be real, the writing’s on the wall – this little mom-and-pop social media joint? It’s officially closed up shop. No more, no less. Time to say goodbye to the digital hangout we knew.

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