Loren and Alexei Baby down syndrome:’90 Day Fiance’

Loren and Alexei Baby down syndrome, from the popular reality show “90 Day Fiancé,” is standing up against haters who have made insensitive comments about her one-year-old son, Shai. As the wife of Alexei Brovarnik, Loren didn’t hesitate to address these inconsiderate individuals who have been making baseless claims about her son’s condition. Here’s what Loren has to say about the matter.

Loren and Alexei Baby down syndrome
Loren and Alexei Baby down syndrome

Loren Brovarnik, star of 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk, faced ruthless trolls on her Instagram page who left insensitive remarks about her son, Shai. In response, Loren took to her Instagram Stories and passionately defended her little boy against those who had nothing positive to say.

The speculations surrounding Shai having Down syndrome became a topic of discussion, and Loren expressed her frustration with the constant questions and assumptions. Setting the record straight, she clarified that Shai does not have Down syndrome. Loren questioned why people felt it was acceptable to make such blatant comments about her son’s health. She emphasized that even if Shai did have Down syndrome, it would not be the end of the world, highlighting the need for understanding and respect.

Loren’s unwavering love and protective nature for her son were evident in her response to the trolls, as she firmly stood up against their hurtful remarks.

Loren Brovarnik Takes a Stand Against Negativity on Her Page

Loren Brovarnik, known for her appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, fiercely defended her son, Shai, against the relentless assumptions and negativity surrounding him. The protective maternal instinct within Loren prompted her to shield Shai from the hurtful comments.

In a straightforward manner, Loren addressed the insensitive commenters, urging them to unfollow her on social media if they were going to talk about her child. She made it clear that she did not appreciate such behavior.

Emphasizing that her son is perfectly fine, Loren emphasized that even if Shai had Down syndrome, their love for him would remain unwavering. Describing Shai as a happy, beautiful, and active little boy who holds an immense place in her heart, Loren stated that those who did not approve could simply look away.

Loren Brovarnik also pointed out that if Shai did have Down syndrome, she would openly discuss it and advocate for awareness. She emphasized her transparency and stated that there was nothing to hide.

In the face of adversity, Loren demonstrated her unwavering commitment to protecting her child and promoting a positive environment for her family.

90 day Fiance:Loren and Alexei Baby down syndrome

The delightful presence of baby Shai continues to capture the hearts of many, despite his young age. As the firstborn child of Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, he has already amassed a growing fan base who are enchanted by his irresistible charm.

Shai’s infectious smile has endeared him to people, and his rapid growth and development are greatly appreciated by his admirers. As he explores and plays around the house, he creates precious bonding moments with his parents, Alexei and Loren.

Excitement fills the air as Shai prepares to embrace the role of an older sibling in a few months’ time, welcoming a baby brother into the family. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing Shai’s journey as he embraces this new chapter in his life and takes on the responsibilities of being an older sibling.


Loren and Alexei  baby Down syndrome. It’s important to note that personal and medical information about individuals and their families should be respected and handled with care. The privacy and well-being of their child should always be a top priority.


Does Loren and Alexei  baby  Down syndrome?

As of the available information, there is no confirmation or reliable evidence to support the claim that Loren and Alexei Brovarnik’s baby has Down syndrome.

Are there any official statements from Loren and Alexei regarding their baby’s health?

There have been no official statements or public disclosures from Loren and Alexei Brovarnik regarding their baby having Down syndrome. It’s essential to respect their privacy and refrain from spreading unverified information.

How should we approach discussions about someone’s child and health conditions?

It is important to exercise sensitivity and respect when discussing someone’s child and their health. Speculating or spreading unverified information can be hurtful and invasive. It is best to rely on official statements or trusted sources for accurate information.

How can we support families who have children with special needs?

Supporting families who have children with special needs begins with empathy, understanding, and respect. Offer a listening ear, educate yourself about the condition, and provide assistance or resources when appropriate. However, it is crucial to respect the family’s privacy and boundaries.

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