Leif Garrett Wife: Is American Singer Married?

Leif Garrett Wife: According to reports, there has been speculation that Elaine Bilstad could have been the wife of actor Leif Garrett. Leif Garrett has expressed a deep emotional connection to the late actress, stating that he has not felt a stronger bond with anyone else. He remains uncertain about starting a family with anyone else. Throughout his extensive career, Leif Garrett has had numerous romantic partners aside from potential marriage prospects.

Leif Garrett Wife: Is American Singer Married?

After attaining significant success in his early acting career during the 1970s, Leif Garrett embraced the chance to expand his artistic endeavors from film to music. However, this newfound opportunity also led him down a path of substance abuse, which quickly derailed his progress and achievements.

During the peak of his fame,Leif Garrett life was filled with various romantic opportunities. It is intriguing to explore the exciting relationships that existed in the life of this former child star. Here, we can delve into Garrett’s perspectives on some of his known love interests and partners throughout the years.

Leif Once Opened Up About His Dating Life

Leif Garrett Wife
Leif Garrett Wife

At a certain point in Leif Garrett’s life, he spent a significant amount of time hanging out at Jodie Foster’s house, who is now a mother of two. Their families shared a friendly relationship, and both Garrett and Foster would visit each other’s homes. Foster got along well with Garrett’s sister, and their parents also had a good rapport. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Garrett revealed that Foster was his first crush.

The actor also opened up about the profound impact actress Nicollette Sheridan had on him. Upon first seeing her, Garrett felt as though his world had come to a standstill. He openly admitted that Sheridan was one of the few girls he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. However, Garrett believed they were incompatible when it came to falling in love, as their stubbornness hindered the success of their romance. He described the traits that made Sheridan everything he desired in a woman but acknowledged that their clashes prevented a perfect relationship. Both being famous at the time, Leif Garrett confessed to feeling extremely jealous and struggling with the attention Sheridan received from others.

Alongside his list of romantic partners, Garrett also spoke about his connection with actress Tatum O’Neal, who starred in “Paper Moon” alongside her father. He revealed that their relationship didn’t work out due to O’Neal’s indecisiveness. Despite their brief romantic involvement, Garrett maintained a friendship with O’Neal after their relationship ended.

Garrett attributes Tatum O’Neal’s lack of self-assurance to the strict parenting style of her father. He expressed that her father, Ryan O’Neal, had a very tough approach with all his children, which he believes had a negative impact on Tatum’s self-perception. Garrett commented, “I think her dad really screwed her head up. All his kids—Ryan was a very, very tough dad.”

Another love interest of Garrett’s was Justine Bateman, best known for her role as Mallory Keaton in the TV series “Family Ties.” However, their relationship didn’t work out as Garrett felt burdened by having to fulfill multiple roles in her life. He described having to be her best friend, psychiatrist, lover, and even a father figure due to her father’s fragmented support during her successful years as a child star.

Reportedly, Bateman’s father was also trying to establish himself in the film industry while she was a highly sought-after child star. Garrett mentioned that although her father seemed happy for her success, his attitude reflected a desire for the same level of fame, which deprived Justine of the affirmation and validation she sought from her father.

The One Person He Would Have Spent His Life with Died

Garrett has opened up about his struggle to fully embrace adulthood, despite getting older. While he used to dismiss the idea of fatherhood when he was younger, he has recently found himself naturally gravitating towards it. He admits to having a somewhat Peter Pan-like mentality, wanting to maintain a sense of youthfulness in certain aspects of his life.

As he grows deeper into adulthood, Leif Garrett sees adoption as a favorable option for becoming a parent. He wants to avoid choosing a partner that he may later regret. He mentioned actress Elaine Bilstad as someone he would have loved to start a family with, but sadly she has passed away. Garrett spoke fondly of Elaine, describing her as an angel with exceptional beauty, both physically and in her heart and soul. He hasn’t encountered anyone else whom he feels as passionately about since her passing.

Leif Garrett Wife
Leif Garrett Wife

During his life, Burt Reynolds briefly served as a father figure to Garrett. After Garrett’s parents separated when he was five, his mother entered a relationship with Reynolds. Garrett recalls Reynolds as a cool guy who once invited him for lunch when Reynolds was living in George Harrison’s former house in Beverly Hills. However, their connection was not a long-lasting one.

It wasn’t until Garrett reached his 50s that he found some common ground with his own father. They made an attempt to reconcile in earlier years, but the healing process was unsuccessful as both lacked the necessary desire to fully engage in it. It is important to note that since his parents’ divorce when Garrett was five, he had only seen his father once for less than five hours.

Garrett’s mother and Reynolds ended their relationship in 1973 but remained friends afterward. Reynolds went on to have a tumultuous relationship with Sally Field, whom he once referred to as the love of his life. Sally recently revealed that she’s relieved Reynolds didn’t get a chance to read her confession about their relationship, as it would have emotionally affected him.

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