Kassandra Toruga a friendship with Angelique Robledo

Angelique Robledo formed a friendship with Kassandra Toruga due to their shared experience of being 18 and pregnant. However, unbeknownst to Angelique, Kassandra had sinister intentions hidden beneath her friendly façade. Kassandra was silently devising a plan to kill Angelique and forcibly remove her unborn child from her womb.

Kassandra Toruga

A survivor of a horrific “fetal abduction” conspiracy has come forward to share her terrifying experience on the brink of death. Kassandra Toruga is now speaking out about her experience after being detained in March 2011 after confessing to setting fire to her friend’s home in an effort to kill her and take her pregnant child. Angelique Robledo, the intended victim, has finally found the courage to share her story over a decade later.

Angelique was under the impression that her friend was also pregnant

Angelique and Kassandra, both 18-year-old pregnant teenagers from Arizona, had bonded over their shared pregnancies. Angelique was unaware that Kassandra was lying about being pregnant and had intended to kidnap her friend’s child and claim it as her own. Angelique recounted to 7 News how Kassandra visited her home with a bag of gifts for the upcoming baby. Among the presents was a nursery light, which Kassandra used as bait to lure Angelique into a bedroom.

Kassandra Toruga Arizona

kassandra toruga arizona, case, release date
kassandra toruga

In the dimly lit bedroom, Angelique instantly felt a sense of danger, fearing that Kassandra might harm her. She had an inexplicable intuition that Kassandra might stab her. Seizing the opportunity, Kassandra claimed that her water had broken and asked to borrow dry clothes. Angelique left her friend in the bedroom to change and soon detected the smell of smoke.

Angelique successfully delivered a healthy baby boy.


While her friend stayed nearby, Angelique tried to put out the flames until she saw something wasn’t right. According to her recollection, “I had no idea what Kassandra was doing, but I don’t think she was helping put out the fire.” When firefighters and paramedics came, the situation worsened, and one of them asked for Kassandra’s maternity bag to take to the hospital.

kassandra toruga case

kassandra toruga, case, release date
Angelique Robledo

However, upon inspecting the bag, Angelique was horrified to find two butcher knives and a pair of scissors, haphazardly wrapped in a diaper. Overwhelmed, she began screaming, “I told you she was going to stab me.” Eventually, the truth came to light: Kassandra had never been pregnant and had plotted to murder her friend and steal her baby to pass it off as her own.

Where is Kassandra Toruga now ?

In February 2012, Kassandra received a sentence of seven and a half years in a mental health facility. Angelique revealed, “She showed no remorse. She admitted to attempting to kill me and steal my baby.”

Kassandra Toruga Release Date

After serving her full term, Kassandra’s progress and recovery led to a significant turning point in her life. In 2019, she was deemed ready to reintegrate into society and was released back into the community. This marked a significant milestone in her journey towards personal growth and rehabilitation.

Kassandra Toruga Facebook

Kassandra Toruga’s Facebook account as it is either unavailable or set to private. if Kassandra has chosen to keep her Facebook account private, it means that only approved followers can view her posts and other information shared on the platform. Currently we don’t have Kassandra Toruga Facebook account name.


The harrowing tale of Angelique Robledo and Kassandra Toruga serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers that can lurk within seemingly close friendships. What began as a bond between two young women who were both expecting children turned into a nightmarish ordeal, with Kassandra’s sinister plot to murder Angelique and steal her unborn child. Despite the trauma and fear, Angelique managed to escape with her life and eventually welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kassandra Toruga:

Q:-Who is Kassandra Toruga?

A:-Kassandra Toruga is an individual involved in a horrific “foetal abduction” conspiracy. She befriended Angelique Robledo, who was also pregnant at the time, but later revealed her true intentions of murdering Angelique and stealing her unborn child.

Q:-What happened between Kassandra Toruga and Angelique Robledo?

A:-Kassandra Toruga pretended to be pregnant and developed a friendship with Angelique Robledo, who believed that they shared the experience of being 18 and pregnant. However, Kassandra was secretly plotting to kill Angelique and extract her unborn child from her body.

Q:-How did Angelique Robledo discover Kassandra’s true intentions?

A:-During a visit to Angelique’s home, Kassandra used a nursery light as a means to lure her into a bedroom. Angelique began to sense danger and suspected that Kassandra intended to harm her. The situation escalated when Kassandra set fire to the room and Angelique discovered a bag containing knives and scissors, further confirming her suspicions.

Q:-What was the outcome of Kassandra Toruga’s actions?

A:-Kassandra Toruga was arrested for her heinous crimes. In February 2012, she received a sentence of seven-and-a-half years in a mental health facility.

Q:-How did Angelique Robledo and her baby fare after the incident?

A:-Despite the traumatic experience, Angelique successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She has since shared her story to raise awareness about the dangers of such situations and to inspire others to be cautious in their relationships.

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