Karely Ruiz: The Rising Star Embracing Success and Overcoming Controversy 2023

Karely Ruiz  Introduction:

Karely Ruiz, a Mexican model, Instagram Star, OnlyFans star, and TikTok star, has captivated the world with her curvaceous and impressive looks. In this article, we will see the life and career of Karely Ruiz, exploring her journey to fame, her personal life, and the controversies she has faced along the way.


Information Details
Real Name Karely Ruiz
Stage Names Karely Ruiz
Nickname Karely
Birthday October 28, 2000
Age 22 years old
Birthplace Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality Mexican
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Hispanic
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Santa Fe Klan
Profession Instagram Star, Model, OnlyFans Star, TikTok Star
Education N/A
Hobby Modeling
Facebook Karely Ruiz Official
Twitter @Karelyruiz_mx
Instagram @karelyruiz
TikTok @karelyruizmxxx
YouTube @karely_ruiz
OnlyFans @karelyruizoficial
Facebook @karelyruiz001
Height 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurements 36-29-38 (Bust-36, Waist-29, and Hips-38 in inches)
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Dress Size 6 (US)
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Brother Not Known
Sister Ale Ruiz


The Early Life and Background of Karely Ruiz:

Karely Ruiz, born on October 28, 2000, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, is a proud Scorpio. From an early age, she had interest in fashion and makeup, which eventually paved the way for her career as an Instagram model. Although details about her education are not readily available, her intelligence and dedication are evident in her rise to success.


Karely Ruiz Family and friends:



Karely Ruiz with Yerimua
Right (Karely Ruiz) shared this picture on her instagram account with Karely Ruiz with Yerimua on 31st Dec,2022 with caption “Verified
Bbsitas 😍💋 “

Karely Ruiz has decided to keep her family life private, and there is no information available about her parents or siblings.

She has not shared any details about her family in her interviews and on her social media accounts.

Respecting her decision, fans and followers understand and respect her choice to keep her family out of the public eye.


Karely Ruiz Net worth:

Karely Ruiz has achieved substantial financial success throughout her career as an Instagram star.

After studing sources like Forbes, and Business Insider, her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million in 2023.

Karely’s primary source of income comes from her influential presence on Instagram, where she has amassed a large following.

The exact details of her salary and other financial aspects are not publicly available.

As for her assets, there is no specific information regarding her cars, but it is known that she resides in her own house, reflecting her prosperous lifestyle.

Net Worth $5 Million
Salary Under Review
Source of Income Instagram Star
Cars Not Available
House Living In Own House




The Journey to Social Media And Stardom

Karely Ruiz

In March 2016, Karely Ruiz created her Instagram account, marking the beginning of her journey as a social media influencer. With her bold and sexy appearance on social media she quickly caught the attention of thousands of viewers. Her sultry videos and photos attracted over 229,000 followers, and she soon became a sensation on the platform.


Expanding to TikTok and OnlyFans


Karely Ruiz’s success on Instagram paved the way for her expansion into other social media platforms like Isla Moon. She joined TikTok and quickly amassed over 12.7 million followers, gaining even more popularity. Additionally, Karely ventured into the world of OnlyFans, where she gained substantial recognition as one of the highest-paid Mexican users on the platform. However, her involvement in adult content led to controversies and leaks of her paid content.



Karely Ruiz Instagram


Karely Ruiz Instagram


Karely Ruiz Instagram account name “karelyruiz,” has amassed an impressive following of 9.2 million loyal fans. Her captivating content and engaging personality have attracted a significant number of followers who eagerly await her posts. Karely’s Instagram feed showcases a collection of 75 carefully curated posts that offer glimpses into her life, adventures, and passions. Additionally, she follows 6,688 people, indicating her active engagement within the Instagram community. With each post, Karely captivates her audience and continues to strengthen her online presence, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the digital realm. Her images and videos has contributed to her growing popularity and influence on the platform.

However, behind the scenes, Karely receives support and guidance from her dedicated account manager, saampysca. This artist manager plays a crucial role in overseeing Karely’s Instagram account, ensuring that her content is well-planned, consistent, and optimized for audience engagement. With the expertise and assistance of saampysca, Karely’s Instagram presence continues to thrive, fostering a strong connection with her followers and providing them with a captivating online experience.


Karely Ruiz TikTok


Karely Ruiz, known by her TikTok account name “karelyruizmxxx,” has skyrocketed to social media stardom with an impressive following of 12.7 million fans. Her captivating videos have garnered a staggering 138.2 million likes, showcasing the immense popularity she has achieved on the platform. With such an extensive reach, Karely has become a prominent figure in the TikTok community, captivating audiences with her unique content and engaging personality.

@karelyruizmxxx #fyp #parati ♬ Move ya body CHAMOS remix – Changing Currents

Her dedicated fanbase, consisting of 2,526 followers, eagerly awaits each new upload, demonstrating the strong connection she has built with her audience. Karely’s TikTok account serves as a testament to her talent and the remarkable impact she has made in the realm of social media.


Karely Ruiz Only Fans


Karely Ruiz Only Fans

Karely Ruiz’s foray into the world of adult content on OnlyFans has been met with great success. Operating under the account name “karelyruizoficial,” she has curated a tantalizing collection of 678 pictures and 143 videos, captivating her subscribers with her undeniable allure.

Her content has garnered an impressive 555.7k likes, a testament to her ability to engage and satisfy her audience. Despite the platform’s controversial reputation, Karely has navigated it skillfully, establishing herself as one of the top Mexican earners on OnlyFans.

While leaks of her paid content have led to criticism, Karely remains resolute in her decision, embracing her autonomy and the choices she has made for her career. Her OnlyFans account like Bubble Bratz OnlyFans has become a hub for exclusive content, allowing her fans to connect with her on a more intimate level.

Through her venture on OnlyFans, Karely has not only achieved financial success but has also solidified her position as a fearless and confident figure in the industry.


Karely Ruiz Facebook


Karely Ruiz’s Facebook page, with the account name “karelyruiz001,” is very popular.

Since its creation on August 4, 2021, her page has garnered a significant following, with approximately 5.3 million followers.

She has 2.9 million likes on her content, it’s clear that her posts resonate with her audience.Through her Facebook presence,


Karely Ruiz Twitter


Karely Ruiz Twitter


Karely Ruiz joined Twitter in August 2010 and maintains an active presence on Twitter under the username @Karelyruiz_mx. She has 1.4 Millions followers and 113 people are following her. With 849 tweets to her name, Karely engages with her fans and shares updates about her life and career.

As a prominent figure in the digital realm, Karely utilizes Twitter to stay connected with her audience and foster a sense of community among her followers.


Karely Ruiz YouTube


Karely Ruiz Youtube

Karely Ruiz has a YouTube account, with the name of @karely_ruiz.  She created her account on May 18, 2020. Although she has a relatively small number of videos, having shared only two since its creation, Karely has still managed to attract attention and gather a loyal following. She has 2,701 views on her videos. Additionally, her YouTube channel boasts an impressive 52.9k subscribers, indicating a strong and growing fan base.

Career Growth and Brand Collaborations

What started as a hobby soon turned into a full-fledged career for Karely Ruiz. Her professionalism and stunning looks landed her numerous brand collaborations and sponsorships.

Karely Ruiz has built an impressive net worth of over $500,000 through her flourishing social media career..

Her various endeavors across social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans, have contributed significantly to her financial success.

Karely’s social media career is her primary source of income.

Through brand collaborations, sponsored content, and endorsements, she has forged partnerships with renowned companies and brands, amplifying her earnings.

With her net worth continuing to grow, Karely Ruiz’s success and entrepreneurial spirit are evident.

As she embarks on new projects and explores further opportunities, we eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued growth and success in the digital landscape.

Karely Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend & Dating History

Karely Ruiz has been relatively private about her personal life, but it is known that she had a romantic relationship with ballet dancer Pablo Cantú from Monterrey. The couple was seen together in social media posts in early 2022 but later announced their separation at the end of the year.

Karely Ruiz with Santa Fe Klan
Karely Ruiz shared this picture on her Instagram account with caption “4 de Mayo 🖤 mg”
Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan
Karely Ruiz shared this picture on her Instagram account with caption “Que rico sabes 🖤💋”

Karely Ruiz current boyfriend is Rodrigo Alejandro Flores Guerrero. He is also known as a Santa Fe Klan.

Rodrigo is a big star in the Mexican rap scene, known for his successful albums and substantial following on social media.

Karely Ruiz with Santa Fe Klan
Karely Ruiz Shared this picture on her instagram account with with Santa Fe Klan with caption “🖤SABES🖤”

Karely often shares pictures of them together on her Instagram account, showcasing their bond and the happiness they bring to each other’s lives.

Their relationship serves as an inspiration, highlighting the power of love and shared passions.

Together, Karely and Santa Fe Klan continue to support and uplift one another in their respective careers, creating memorable moments and contributing to the vibrant Mexican music industry.


Karely’s Physical Appearance and Body Positivity

Karely Ruiz
Karely Ruiz shared this picture on her instagram with caption ” Verified
Solo tu y yo sabemos 🖤💋 “

Known for her curvaceous body, Karely Ruiz embraces her physical attributes and proudly showcases her beauty on social media. she has height of 165 cm (5’5″) and weighing 62 kg (136 lbs). She has confidence and encourages body positivity. Karely’s black hair, black eyes, and body measurements of 36-29-38 inches make her a standout in the world of modeling.


Karely Ruiz leaked

While Karely Ruiz has gained immense popularity, she has also faced her fair share of controversies. Her involvement in OnlyFans and leaked paid content sparked criticism and negative comments. However, she remains undeterred, ignoring the hate and focusing on her own happiness. Karely continues to advocate for self-expression and personal choices when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, having undergone various procedures to enhance her appearance.


Karely Ruiz’s Acts of Generosity and Philanthropy

Despite the controversies surrounding her career, Karely Ruiz has shown her compassionate side by participating in charity events and using her platform to raise awareness for important causes. She has been involved in campaigns against animal cruelty and actively promotes body positivity, encouraging her followers to love themselves unconditionally.


Karely Ruiz’s Hobbies


Karely Ruiz, aside from her successful career and online presence, has various hobbies that she enjoys engaging in during her free time.

She likes fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She is often seen working out, sharing her fitness routines, and promoting body positivity.

Karely finds joy in challenging herself physically and strives to inspire her followers to prioritize their well-being.

Additionally, Karely has a keen interest in fashion and style.

She likes to shares her fashion tips and outfits on her social media platforms.

Her impeccable sense of style has garnered attention, and she often collaborates with fashion brands, showcasing her unique fashion choices and influencing her followers in the process.

Furthermore, Karely is an avid traveler.

She loves exploring new destinations and involving herself in different cultures.

Through her travel experiences, she captures breathtaking moments and shares them with her followers, inspiring them to embrace adventure and discover the beauty of the world.

Karely also expresses her creativity through makeup and beauty.

She enjoys experimenting with different makeup looks and sharing her beauty routines and product recommendations.

Her makeup tutorials and tips have gained popularity, allowing her to connect with her followers on a personal level and empower them to enhance their natural beauty.

Overall, Karely Ruiz is a multifaceted individual with a range of hobbies that reflect her diverse interests and passions.

From fitness and fashion to travel and beauty, she continues to captivate her audience with her enthusiasm and zest for life.


Some Facts About Karely Ruiz


Karely Ruiz with dog
Karely Ruiz shared this post on instagram on 11th May 2023 with caption “Verified
Esto es vidaaaa🥹❣️ realmente amo hacer esto y Nimodo se ching*n , yo seguire facturando en tanga🥹”
  • Karely Ruiz is an active user on TikTok, where she frequently shares sexy posing videos.
  • She loves Dog.
  • As of November 2021, she resides in a luxurious residence located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
  • Known for her love of mirror selfies, Karely often shares these photos on her social media accounts.
  • She enjoys experimenting with her appearance, constantly changing her looks to keep things interesting.
  • Karely’s body is adorned with tattoos, adding to her unique and distinctive style.
  • With a positive outlook on life, she firmly believes in embracing every moment and living life to the fullest.
  • As an extrovert, Karely thrives in the company of her friends and cherishes their presence.
  • In addition to her social media success, she is a passionate traveler, aspiring to explore various parts of the world.



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Karely Ruiz’s journey from a small-town girl to a social media star serves as an inspiration for aspiring influencers worldwide. she has stunning looks and dedication. she has make big fanbase for herself in the world of social media. While facing controversies and negative criticism along the way, Karely remains resilient and focused on her goals, continuing to embrace her individuality and advocate for body positivity.


FAQ about Karely Ruiz


Q: Who is Karely Ruiz?

A: Karely Ruiz is a Mexican social media personality, model, and influencer known for her glamorous photos, bold fashion choices, and involvement in adult content.

Q: How old is Karely Ruiz?

A: Ruiz was born October 28, 2000 and she is 22 years old.

Q: Who is Karely Ruiz Boyfriend?

A: Karely Ruiz current boyfriend is Rodrigo Alejandro Flores Guerrero. He is also known as a Santa Fe Klan.

Q: What is Karely Ruiz Body Measurement?

A: 36-29-38 (Bust-36, Waist-29, and Hips-38 in inches)

Q: Is Karely Ruíz a nurse?

A: Yes, it is said that Karely Ruiz initially pursued a technical nursing degree but did not complete it. Instead, she shifted her focus towards social media and discovered opportunities to earn money through platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans.






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