Julie Harbert’s Impact as Senior Managing Director at Pretium”

Julie Harbert :Pretium, a leading investment firm managing over $50 billion in assets, has recently welcomed Julie Harbert as the Senior Managing Director and President of Pretium Enterprise Services. This new position has been established to strengthen the firm’s shared service solutions, focusing on leveraging advanced technology, enhancing services, and optimizing processes to drive scalability and provide sustainable value for all stakeholders. As part of her responsibilities, Ms. Harbert will also serve as a key member of Pretium’s Executive Committee, contributing to strategic decision-making and overall organizational growth.

About Julie Harbert

With over 25 years of experience in business operations, Ms. Julie Harbert brings a wealth of expertise to her new role at Pretium. Her most recent position was as the Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Entergy, where she successfully built and led high-performing teams throughout the organization. Prior to her time at Entergy, Ms. Julie Harbert served as the Senior Vice President and Group Head of Global Business Services at Philips, where she played a pivotal role in driving operational excellence.

Julie Harbert Carrer

She started her career at IBM, where she held a number of positions, including vice president and chief operating officer of global process services, where she established a solid track record of performance.

Ms. Julie Harbert’s extensive experience in business operations will be instrumental in further strengthening Pretium’s shared service solutions and driving long-term value for stakeholders.

Pretium’s Chief Financial Officer, Chris Weidler, expressed his confidence in Julie Harbert, stating, “Julie has a remarkable track record of successfully driving continuous improvement in large, complex organizations.” He further expressed excitement about her joining Pretium and leading the optimization of their solutions, services, and processes on an enterprise level.

In response, Ms. Julie Harbert expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of Pretium during a period of substantial growth and innovation. She acknowledged the strong foundation already established at the firm and emphasized her commitment to collaborating across the organization to provide exceptional shared services that generate long-term value for all stakeholders.

Outside of her role at Pretium, Ms. Harbert serves on the board of directors for the Louisiana Children’s Museum and Shared Services Network (SSON) Europe. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in International Finance and Economics from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from West Virginia University. Her educational background further strengthens her qualifications and expertise in leading and managing complex business operations.

Pretium is poised to benefit from Ms. Harbert’s extensive experience, strong leadership skills, and dedication to driving continuous improvement. With her guidance, the firm is well-positioned to enhance its shared services, deliver value to stakeholders, and continue its trajectory of growth and innovation.

About Pretium

Pretium is a specialized investment firm that focuses on three key areas: U.S. residential real estate, residential credit, and corporate credit. Established in 2012, Pretium was founded with the objective of capitalizing on investment and lending opportunities that arise from structural changes, disruptions, and inefficiencies within the economy.

What sets Pretium apart is its integrated analytical and operational ecosystem that is dedicated to the U.S. housing, residential credit, and corporate credit markets. This unique approach provides Pretium with valuable insight and experience, giving them a strategic advantage over other investment managers in these sectors.

With a portfolio exceeding $50 billion in assets, Pretium’s investments in real estate span across 30 markets in the United States. The firm boasts a global presence with over 4,000 employees spread across 30 offices, including its headquarters in New York and additional locations in Dubai, London, Seoul, and Sydney.

For more detailed information about Pretium and its investment strategies, please visit their official website at

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