How to breed congle

How To breed congle in My Singing Monsters, you’ll need to follow specific steps and combinations of monsters with the right elements. Here’s a guide to help you successfully breed a Congle and care for it from egg to adulthood.

how to breed congle

how to breed congle
how to breed congle

Start by obtaining an Entbrat from Plant Island for 250 coins and a Pango from Air Island for 750 coins. Place them on your Plant Island, ensuring you have an open bed for the future baby Congle.

Mood and Breeding:

To initiate breeding, place the Entbrat and Pango on beds next to each other. Then, select the “Breed” option and choose Entbrat and Pango from the menu. After a few hours, a new baby How to breed Congle will be born.

Congle’s Features:

The new baby Congle, known as the “Conga Master,” will produce percussion sounds and notes E and C. Collect coins from it regularly to maintain its happiness.

Congle’s Growth:

With proper care, the baby Congle will mature into an adult in a few days. As an adult, it will produce more coins and a wider range of notes, adding to the diversity of your song.

Reach Breeding Level on Both Islands:

how to breed congle
how to breed congle

How to breed a Congle, you need to have both Plant and Cold islands at level 15 or higher since Congles are dual-element monsters, requiring both Plant and Cold elements to breed.

Select Breeding Monsters:

Choose two monsters with the right elements for breeding, ensuring one of them has the cold element. Monsters like Entbrat, Oaktopus, and Potbelly work well for the Plant element, while Kayna, PomPom, and Quarrister are suitable for the Cold element.

Place Monsters in the Breeding Structure:

Ensure the breeding structure is completely empty, and then place the selected monsters in it for breeding. Breeding can take 6 to 24 hours, and you may get another Congle, a different Cold monster, or even a Rare Congle.

Choose Your Breeding Combo:

For successful breeding, select two monsters that match the elements of Congle – cold, air, and water. For instance, you can try Deedge (cold, air) + PomPom (air, water) or Quibble (cold) + Pango (air, water).

Other Tips for Breeding a Congle:

Ensure both breeding monsters are at least level 4 or higher for better chances.

Consider using enhanced breeding items like Breeding Party or Breeding Kits to increase success rates.

Check the breeding combinations chart to ensure compatibility between the selected monsters.

Be patient and persistent; breeding Congles may take multiple attempts.

Wait for the Congle Egg to Hatch:

Once the Entbrat and Congle have bred, you’ll have to wait for the Congle egg to hatch, which usually takes around 16 hours. Keep checking the egg’s progress and listen for squeaking sounds, indicating the hatching process.

Feed and Play With the Baby Congle:

After the egg hatches, feed your baby Congle treats and play with it to build happiness and accelerate its growth.

Wait For the Congle to Mature:

It will take around 16-24 hours for the baby Congle to mature into an adult. Continue feeding, playing, and checking on it regularly during this period. How to breed Congle Raising a Congle from egg to adulthood is a rewarding experience in My Singing Monsters. Provide proper care, and you’ll have a new addition to your singing ecosystem in no time!


How to breed Congle  in My Singing Monsters requires a combination of patience, strategy, and understanding the elements of the monsters involved. How to breed Congle By following the proper breeding methods and selecting the right monsters with the necessary elements, players can successfully add the adorable and musical How to breed Congle to their singing ecosystem. From obtaining the essential monsters like Entbrat and Pango to nurturing the baby Congle and watching it mature into an adult, the process is both rewarding and entertaining.

FAQ: About How to breed Congle

How do I breed a Congle in My Singing Monsters?

How to breed Congle, you need to combine monsters with the right elements. Start by breeding an Entbrat and a Pango on your Plant Island. Once you have the baby Congle, take care of it until it matures into an adult.

What are the essential monsters required for breeding a Congle?

How to breed Congle, you’ll need an Entbrat (available on Plant Island for 250 coins) and a Pango (available on Air Island for 750 coins). These monsters provide the necessary elements for Congle breeding.

Can I speed up the breeding process in My Singing Monsters?

While breeding in My Singing Monsters can take some time, you can use breeding enhancements like Breeding Party or Breeding Kits to increase your chances of success and potentially reduce the breeding time.

Are there any specific levels required for breeding monsters?

Having both Plant and Cold islands at level 15 or higher is essential for breeding Congles, as they are dual-element monsters requiring both Plant and Cold elements to breed.

What should I do once the Congle egg hatches?

After the Congle egg hatches, make sure to feed it treats like shellbeat, clamble chow, and seaweed to help it grow. Playing with the baby Congle and keeping it happy will accelerate its growth into an adult.

Can I continue breeding Congles to get more?

Yes, once your Congle matures into an adult, you can continue breeding it with other monsters to try and get more Congles for your island.

What other elements should I consider when breeding Congles?

Remember that Congles have cold, air, and water elements. To increase the chances of successful breeding, choose monsters with these elements in combination.

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