Daejanae Jackson,Daejanae Jackson where is she now

Recent reports have linked Daejanae Jackson to the murder of Shanquella Robinson, sparking interest in her current whereabouts and situation. This article aims to provide information about Daejanae Jackson’s status, her presence on Instagram, and any available details regarding her family.

Daejanae Jackson

daejanae jackson
daejanae jackson

Daejanae Jackson has been named as a suspect in the murder case involving businesswoman Shanquella Robinson, who tragically lost her life in October 2022. The incident gained attention after a video went viral, showing Daejanae engaged in a physical altercation with Shanquella. The circumstances surrounding Daejanae’s involvement are under investigation.

Daejanae Jackson where is she now

The current whereabouts of Daejanae Jackson remain unknown. The police’s actions and the progress of the investigation regarding Daejanae’s involvement in the case are undisclosed at this time. Limited information has been released regarding her status as a suspect or any potential arrest.

Shanquella Robinson’s Death:

daejanae jackson
Shanquella Robinson’s Death:

Shanquella Robinson tragically lost her life during an incident that took place while she was celebrating a birthday in Cabo. According to her mother, Salamondra Robinson, they had a pleasant evening together. However, the autopsy report revealed injuries including a broken spine and neck, which were unrelated to alcohol consumption. The report indicated that Shanquella had been physically assaulted, leading to her untimely demise. Further details were revealed by Shanquella’s close friend, Khalil, who informed her mother about a possible poisoning.

Daejanae Jackson arrested

The status of Daejanae arrest in connection with Shanquella Robinson’s murder remains unclear. While she has been identified as a suspect due to substantial evidence linking her to the assault, it is important to note that the details surrounding her potential arrest have not been publicly disclosed. Investigators are likely working diligently to gather additional evidence and build a solid case.


Daejanae  involvement in the murder case of Shanquella Robinson has garnered attention and raised questions about her current status. However, the exact details of her arrest or whereabouts are unknown to the public at this time. As the investigation continues, it is important to await official updates from law enforcement agencies regarding any developments in the case.


Q: Who is Daejanae Jackson?

A:  Is an individual who has been linked to the murder case involving Shanquella Robinson. She gained attention after a video surfaced showing her involved in a physical altercation with Shanquella.

Q: What is Daejanae Jackson’s current status?

A: The current status of Daejanae Jackson is unknown. Details about her whereabouts, legal situation, and involvement in the case have not been publicly disclosed.

Q: Is Daejanae Jackson under arrest?

A: The information regarding whether Daejanae  has been arrested or not remains undisclosed. The progress of the investigation and any potential legal actions taken against her have not been made public.

Q: What is the connection between Daejanae Jackson and Shanquella Robinson?

A: Daejanae  has been named as a suspect in the murder case of Shanquella Robinson. The exact nature of their relationship or any motives behind the incident are part of the ongoing investigation.

Q: Are there any updates on the case involving Daejanae Jackson?

A: The updates on the case involving Daejanae are limited. As the investigation unfolds, it is advisable to rely on official statements from law enforcement agencies for accurate and up-to-date information.

Q: Where can I find more information about Daejanae Jackson and the case?

A: Due to the ongoing investigation, detailed information about Daejanae  and the case may not be readily available. It is recommended to follow news outlets or official sources for any official updates regarding the case.

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